Maggie Anne Price

Textile skills and techniques, acquired over many years, are employed to produce ‘collections’.       

I like to work with different materials and techniques, sometimes starting with the greasy fleece from one of my own, or another local sheep, to spin yarn for sale, or to felt little scenes of our wonderful coast and countryside.

 I weave, knit and crochet, particularly in the long winter evenings, usually with mill spun yarn.

Currently I find myself using fabrics or leather, sometimes with machine or hand embroidery, to create book covers, hand bound books and other small items,

Working with fabrics and threads or starting right at the beginning with the raw fibres bring together the textile skills I have spent my life learning and using, both to earn my living and just for fun. Starting with raw fleece and doing every process is, for me, a completion of a wonderful, sustainable circle.

This part of Wales is full of sheep: a myriad of different breeds each with different fleece colours and characteristics. I buy white and coloured wool, rare breed special fleeces, mohair, alpaca and angora rabbit fibre, straight from the small farms where the animals live.

I love the process of sourcing the fibres from the surrounding area, meeting the small flock keepers and their animals as I collect the fleeces.

Black wool is from my own small flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep.

Fibres such as silk, cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp, soya bean and others are from further away.

Sadly our lush Welsh pastures rarely grow the very finest, softest fleece, although some get pretty close. I do buy Merino fibre from a reputable UK supplier who only stocks wool from non-mulsed South American or Falkland Islands flocks.


The images on this site are all of my own work. Some items are available to buy now, others are sold. 

The ‘Where to Buy’ page has full details.